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Industry-leading ticket protection

If you experience excessive speed traps, ticketing, or just don’t want to be burdened with the fear of being pulled over, we have the best solutions for you! We carry the highest rated radar detectors from ESCORT. They are fully equipped to scan and report a broad range of difference radar and laser detection - so you never have to worry about what’s hiding behind that guard rail or wall.

How does it work?

Our radar detectors scan and report the radar guns used by law enforcement to gauge your speed. They warn you visually and audibly, well ahead of time – long enough to make sure you won’t be pulled over! ESCORT Radar Detectors are industry leaders. They stay on top of new technology that radar guns use, to make sure you’re protected.

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you're not happy let us know as things we tell you are based on personal experience.

Optional features

•  Bluetooth

•  GPS location (to warn of all radar, laser and safety cameras)

•  Smartphone access via ESCORT Live

•  Complete network access to all devices for greater protection

(Subscription may apply)


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